List of things you can contribute to LWT.

  • Add or request a new feature.
  • Fix or raise a github issue to fix a bug.
  • Improve development process as I am not native to ruby development.
  • Add documentation or samples to demonstrate the theme and its features.
  • Market, spread and enhance its usage if you like it.

Prize for your contribution

  • Recognition
  • Work Experience


Please follow the below guidelines to contribute to LWT.

LWT uses Fork, modify and submit Pull Request model to collaborate.

Branch naming rules

Permanent branches, these are protected.

  • master - latest and stable product.

Allowed development branches.

  • feature/id-issue_description
  • bugfix/id-issue_description
  • hotfix/id-issue_description
  • docfix/id-issue_description
  • devfix/id-issue_description

Id used is the valid github issue id. It is followed by a dash and a short github issue title or descriptive alphanumeric string. Development branches are deleted after merging with master branch.


  • Use project boards for raw ideas and non code information.
  • Use github issues for project ideas implementation.

Local development and testing

  • Make changes to theme.
  • Build LWT as ruby gem.

    # cd into LWT project root folder
    gem build lone-wolf-theme.gemspec
  • Use docs folder to test the changes.
  • Copy/create any data for testing into docs folder.
  • Make lone-wolf-theme in docs/Gemfile to point to local gem.

    #gem "lone-wolf-theme"
    gem "lone-wolf-theme", path: '../'
  • Change docs/_config.yml to point to local theme.

    theme                    : "lone-wolf-theme"
    remote_theme             : "" # "manid2/lone-wolf-theme"
  • Build jekyll site and verify the changes.

NOTE: Don’t commit the testing changes made to docs/, Gemfile and _config.yml.

Ruby gem

Use bundler to manage ruby gems in theme.

Install ruby gem dependencies using bundle install.


Add javascript libraries to use the javascript based features. All javascript code is added to assets/js folder. The javascript code in this folder is concatenated into single main.min.js file.

This is done using npm run build:js after installing dependencies in package.json using npm install. Use package.json to manage javascript dependencies.

Update version

Update package.json and lone-wolf-theme.gemspec files to update the theme version.

Verify the version update changes using:

  • For lone-wolf-theme.gemspec file use gem build.

    # cd into LWT project root folder
    gem build lone-wolf-theme.gemspec
  • For package.json use npm:

    # cd into LWT project root folder
    npm run build:js


Refer the list of dependencies to contribute to LWT.